Struggle against frauds (banner exchange)

Dear Partners,


We always do our best to make sure you get the full set of reliable information about frauds, non-paying companies and fraudulent schemes.


We clearly understand that in current situation of heavy world crisis, your business security questions hit the first place, so we decide to take anti-fraud activity to the next level.

Sky Sonic Corporation Limited

Be aware of a fraudulent company called Sky Sonic

After connecting with them, they sent us traffic, they failed to pay and did not reply to any e-mails.

They owe us (Janacom Ltd.) $4017.41 since November 2014, they do not reply to e-mails and cannot be contacted. Their website is not functioning.


Their details that we have:

Peter Chueng - - 'head of operations' - contact number: 85237596903

Moni Banik - - 'Sr. Executive, Carrier Relation'

Cloud 9 Telecom Limited

Dear partners,
please be aware of Cloud 9 Telecom Limited.
They owe us (China Skyline Telecom Co.,Ltd) $207.02 for a long time since October,2015.
After we request for payment, they always make full of excuse and empty promise.
They offered route far beyond the market rate, or make the dispute amount as the excuse to delay, they even said they only could release the payment with Paypal instead of any other payment terms today. (They know China Skyline Telecom didn't support Paypal for a long time).

Nas Point

Dear partners,
please be careful about NasPoint Telecom. They owe us (ArusTel) $5500 for weeks.
We called them many times and sent many e-mails to them, but we couldn’t still get any reliable respond. The contact person is Edward Sosa. You should really be careful about these person and company for your current and future business.

Telecrest Inc.

Dear partners,

Please be aware of Telecrest Inc.

Their outstanding debt is $2315.59, which has been past due since September, 2015.

They are even not suggesting any working route to be able to offset the debt via sending traffic back.

See below the information about Telecrest Inc.:

Legal address: 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 120  Wilmington, DE 19808, USA



Dear partners,

please be aware of Shozitel company.

They owe us (Gventure) USD 6000.

The sales skype : saima.saleem86

The owner Skype : hamzatahir5

VIO Voice Inc. / VIO Communications Corp.

Dear Partners,

Please be very careful when doing business with Vio Voice Inc/ VIO Communications Corp. The company owed us (Quickcom Global Communication) $1,259.55 for more than two months.

We sent hundreds of payment reminders, but got all kinds of excuses not to pay. We tried to send traffic to net off the balance, while all routes not working, they blocked our routes.

Also we are looking for offset with the company Vio Voice Inc. for amount $1259.55, if anyone can help, kindly let us know.

Airtek Mobile

Dear partners, Hello.

Please be aware of Airtek Mobile. This company owe us (G5 telecom Services LTD.).

And does not wish to pay! According to our Agreement - they were to pay after reaching their credit limit, but they refuse...

And now no one reply from their side now too and it been long 9 months period.


They cheated us $4100. They started sending traffic in September 2015 and we (Vpreca-VoIP) sent our invoice in November 2015, but they always said: "we will pay next week", but never pay us till January 2016.

They never replied our e-mails or calls, their Skype is online, but no one answered.

Please be aware.

Green Track FZE

Dear partners,
please be aware of Green Track FZE

represented by Ahsan Farooq

They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 1090,79 for VOIP traffic for period September 2015 - January 2016. They promised to pay this amount long time ago, but no money hit our bank account yet.