Struggle against frauds (banner exchange)

Dear Partners,


We always do our best to make sure you get the full set of reliable information about frauds, non-paying companies and fraudulent schemes.


We clearly understand that in current situation of heavy world crisis, your business security questions hit the first place, so we decide to take anti-fraud activity to the next level.



IPtradex & Ipage both is same Company.

IPAGE TELECOM company change name to IPtradex limited. Now they start business with new company name. Since 6 months they stuck our (Future Telekom Trading FZE) all Payment. Due amount is more than 5000$. We sent them more than 1000 emails.


Be Aware of

From 4 years they stuck our all payments. Due amount is 3000.57$. We sent them more than 100 emails. Even no one from them is responding our emails, calls, Skype.

Now all of sudden Mr Mohammad Hussain ( saying that they closed the Voip business and nothing to do with the dues payment.

We (Future Telekom Trading FZE) hope this will help you all to recognize the fraud people from this company.

Please find the below bank details from them:

Please check below their Information.

Asfand Axiom Telecom

Axiom Telecom owe us (TELCOMBD, USD 300.

Company Name : Asfand Axiom Telecom
CEO : Asfand
Mobile : 00923110516414
Gateway/IP no.

Adnan Tariq S/O Tariq Mahmood
CNIC no: 38401-4262529-9
Mobile: 0092-346-5281609


Dear partners,

Please be aware of Inbutel company.
Their outstanding debt is $2883.42, which has been past due since March, 2015. There are just promises that the payment will be made.


Dear partners,
please be aware of Xee-On Telecom.
They owe us (CSS COMMUNICATIONS LTD.) 2556.71 USD. We have sent many e-mails and messages to them, but
there is no response from Xee-On Telecom yet.
skype:  hassan.xeeon

Orion Telecom Network, Inc.

Dear partners,

please be aware of Orion Telecom Network, Inc.


represented by Matteo Jamal 


Company owes us (Speedflow company) 6005,87 USD for VOIP traffic.

Next Communications Inc.

Dear partners,

please be aware of Next Communications Inc.


represented by Arik Maimon and Ortal Ben-Hamo


Company owes us (Speedflow company) 1 648,50 USD for VOIP traffic.

Their promises to pay never became reality.  At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.


Contact persons: Arik Maimon; Joshua Dawson; Ortal Ben-Hamo


Tel.: +1 305 356-4516; 1 (305) 356-4602; 1 305 356 4513; 1 -561-370-8070


Update: according to Linkedin account they no longer support wholesale services and started a new business.


Dear Partners,

Here a new fraud in Voip industry who cheated us badly and broke our trust.


This is a UK based company. They are not responding at all. They used our (IPGAB Communication) routes, initially paid, gained our trust, finally cheated us. Total (3000 USD) they didn't pay.



Company - Munlink

wibsite -

Tex Network

Dear Collegues,

We are looking for offsetting with the company TEX Network Ltd. This company owes us $ 4000. All our attempts to receive the payment have been unsuccessful.

The contact details of the representatives of the company are the following:

- Artem Shafigullin <> (skype:artemavys)