Struggle against frauds (banner exchange)

Dear Partners,

We always do our best to make sure you get the full set of reliable information about frauds, non-paying companies and fraudulent schemes.

We clearly understand that in current situation of heavy world crisis, your business security questions hit the first place, so we decide to take anti-fraud activity to the next level.

In consideration of companies heavy interdependence on the VoIP market and taking into account existing level of mutual support, we would like to ask all companies and people help each other in struggle against frauds.

Please place on your site one of the banners you can see below. We will place your banner (size: 185х176) on our site as well.

Thereby, you take part in universal anti-fraud struggle on VoIP market.


Teleworks A/S twin

Dear partners,

Please be aware of Teleworks A/S twin (IP: They use domain while official Teleworks' domain is

They owe us (Telasco) 4770.81 USD for which they issued fake bank wire copies.

NetCallServices LLC

Dear partners,
we would like to tell you about a very shameful and dishonest situation of the company:
NetCallServices LLC
103, 1st Floor, Al Manzoor,
Sharjah, UAE
They refuse to pay us $ 1,189 since December 30, 2019, and no longer respond to our email and skype.
In case you want to check the email conversation with them, please send us an email request to or skype: flytelecom_1 and we will send you the email.
I will be really happy if someone helps me get my money back. It's all my investment!
Fly Telecom

SKGlobal Limited

Dear Voip community,
we are having issues with collecting funds from SKGlobal Limited
If some of you have some dues to them, we are ready to discuss the off-set terms.
Speedflow team

Novy Telecom

Dear Voip community,
we are having issues with collecting funds from Novy Telecom
If some of you have some dues to them, we are ready to discuss the off-set terms.
Speedflow team

Fastipcall LLC

Please be aware of FastIPCall located at 1504 Chateau drive, Dunwoody Georgia, GA 30338.

The company has been dealing with us for over 6 years. In January of 2019 we asked them to settle their account with us. A rather small sum of USD 1146,77. We have exchanged over 50 e-mails with them. All sorts of excuses.

Over the course of the past 10 months we have received 4 e-mails stating that: "A payment would be released next week".  Nothing happened.

The last e-mail conversation was on October 28th with Again, they promised a payment within the week and again nothing happened.

Please take extra care when dealing with them.

INOX Communication Networks Ltd

Dear Partner,
Please be aware that INOX Communication Networks Ltd is not paying our outstanding amount USD 500+ since more than 1+ year.
We are keep chasing and sending them reminders, but none of them bother to respond.
Please beware.
Paragon International Limited

BU Media

This company does not pay its debt and is constantly ignoring our (Hansa Telecom SIA) reminders on this issue.
Address: ul. Zurawia 22/310, 00-515 Warsaw, Poland

Pink Square Power Ltd

Dear partners,
please be aware of Pink Square Power Ltd.
Address: Roebuck Wedgewood Place, Burslem, Stoke On Trent, ST6 4ED, United Kingdom
IPs: -
They done payments for the first 2 invoices and after this not paid more. They owe us (Rainbow srl) total 10k.
Please beware.

Dear All,
OJSC Multiregional TransitTelecom (a/k/a MTT) and Broadband Telecom, Inc. (a/k/a BTI) wish to announce that they have fully resolved all of their prior differences which were solely attributable to a commercial misunderstanding.
MTT fully retracts and regrets any statements about BTI and advises that such statements were made without its authorization.