Struggle against frauds (banner exchange)

Dear Partners,


We always do our best to make sure you get the full set of reliable information about frauds, non-paying companies and fraudulent schemes.


We clearly understand that in current situation of heavy world crisis, your business security questions hit the first place, so we decide to take anti-fraud activity to the next level.


Dear Partners,
Please be aware of company BOOMERANGIP S.A.
It owes us (Hansa Telecom) $675 which is accumulated since December, 2013.

OGI Telecom Corporation

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Ogi Telecom.
Their debt to us ( Hansa Telecom) is US $1500. We have made several attempts to contact them, through countless e-mails and calls.
Recently they started communicating and have even sent us $200 via PayPal ( the debt amount was $1700), but after they stopped responding.


This company ran up $12,000 of ncli traffic to Eritrea Mobile without ever having any intention of paying us.
The CEO Paul Falchi has been dodging our phone calls for months now.


Dear partners,
please be aware of ZIPTELEMEX (based in USA and Mexico)
Office address: 1940 E. Camel Back rd ste 202, Phoenix, Arizona, ZIP 85016-4131 - USA
We (Telecom OGI) work with this company for a short period of time and they have a payment delay on regular basis.

CWP Mobile LLC.

Dear partners,
please be aware of company CWP Mobile LLC.
represented by Beniamin Leleev


Dear partners,
please be aware of company Cinq Tech

Mix Cloud and Hosting

Dear partners,
please be aware of company Mix Cloud and Hosting

Darren Gizbert

Dear partners,
please be aware of fraud person named Darren Gizbert (skype: darren.gizbert; IP
He introduce himself as Speedlfow company' employee, which is not true.
Please note all Speedflow staff use domain If you want to check any information please feel free to visit our web-site:

Sanusi Telecommunication

Dear partners,
please be aware of company Sanusi Telecommunication.
represented by Mobolaji Surajudeen Sanusi.