Struggle against frauds (banner exchange)

Dear Partners,


We always do our best to make sure you get the full set of reliable information about frauds, non-paying companies and fraudulent schemes.


We clearly understand that in current situation of heavy world crisis, your business security questions hit the first place, so we decide to take anti-fraud activity to the next level.


Dear Partner,
IpageCall is a fraud company.
Kindly beware as they have due $1900 for last 5 months, but they are not replying or answering our (SK Global) e-mails.

Classified Telecom Ltd.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Classified Telecom Ltd.
represented by Elizabeth Swartz
Company owes us (Speedflow company) 800 USD for MediaCore Softswitch rent.
Their promises to pay never became reality.  At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.

Shashtel India

We were interconnected with SHASHTEL INDIA (“SHASHTEL”) a company incorporated in BANGALORE INDIA, registered Address is at #1-80, 6th cross , 4th block , koramangala , bangalore-560034 , india @ bilateral agreement with 2000 USD.

Abenezer Takele (ex Pure Group LLC.)

Dear partners,
please be aware of Abenezer Takele
represented by Abenezer T.Selamesew
Company owes us (Speedflow company) 2161 USD for MediaCore Softswitch rent.

Xeontel International FZE UF

Dear partners,



represented by Mahmoud Magdy


360 telephony

Dear partners,
the below mentioned people cheated us (Voipcall2all) badly and broke our trust. They are inter-related companies. They are not responding at all and deleted us from Skype contact. They used our routes , initially paid , gained our trust and finally cheated us. Total 30389 USD they didn't pay.

Cascade Telecom US LLC.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Cascade Telecom
represented by Armen Poghosyan

My Telecom

Company name: My Telecom.

Etisabilished in: France.

They are providing Asterisk based Auto Dialer. Providing Miscall route. Our company (AL IMHE FZ LLC) send them 315$ for Astersik based Auto Dialer. They didn't delever our server. Also they didn't send us our money back.

Paypal Id:

Voip Wholesale Service LTD.

Voip Wholesale Service LTD owe us (UAB AVOICE) USD $1.109,74 amount from 02 March 2015 and for several times we extended the deadline for the payment upon their request, but they didn't pay any amount (we agreed even for partially payments).