Inter Technic Ltd.

Dear partners,
Please be aware of Inter Technic Ltd.
Their outstanding debt is $3066.87, which has been past due since April, 2017.
They are not even suggesting any working route to be able to offset the debt via sending traffic back.
See below the information about Inter Technic Ltd.:

Legal address: 319 Oldham Road Rochdale, OL16 5JG, United Kingdom
IP addresses:


· Sakhawat Ali / CEO
1. Email address:
2. LinkedIn profile:
3. Phone #: +971 55 235 2854
4. Skype: s.ali5566
· A. Murtiza
1. Email address:
2. Phone #: +44 208 123 7373
3. Skype: inter.technic
There are also other Skype IDs: noc.inter-technic, sherry.999

Chilli Telecom

Dear partners,
please beware of Chilli Telecom.
I was in contact with their sales called Michaela Garcia, we interconnect and they start sending calls. Over a week I made an Invoice totalling $2413, she wrote me and confirm with invoice they will proceed with payments and thats all.
She start not replying my messages till now. I tried reaching everyone of them, mail always fail to go and their numbers provided is going through either.
Faiz LLC.

VT callshop

Dear Partner,
We are urgently looking for offset with VT callshop to an amount of 1,990 USD.
VTcallshop's debt is long overdue. They made multiple promises to clear their debt, but missed their deadline again and again, until they finally disappeared and are now ignoring any communication from us.
We would like to request that you act as a third party to run this offset. Any co-operation or information regarding this company would be greatly appreciated.
Furthermore, we would like to appeal to the Telecom community to not support fraud/non-payer companies.
Registration No.: 1578544
Address: Flat A, 8/F, Kann Wah   Comm Building, 423 Causway Bay , Hennessy Road, Wanchai ,Hong Kong
Phone: +852 8175 2502
Represented by:
Lee Huang (or Hunag)
Malachi Ting
Adam Ming


Inox Communication Networks LTD.

Beware of Inox Communication Networks LTD.

Inox Communication do not pay our amount. Never sent invoice and after so many times we (Luxuria Telecom) asked for invoice, they provide wrong minutes invoice. And when we ask for payment they post us on as fraud.

Be aware from this smart company. First they never send you invoice weekly and when you ask they will send invoice with increased minutes.

They have own our money and while asking for payment they are saying that we have to pay him not they. As they haven't share any invoice with us and when we asked him for invoice they mail monthly invoice and when we not accepted that they say that if you don't pay us we will post you on Linkedin.

We already mailed him our successful CDR. But they even don't share any CDR and just send SOA. And you also know what is SOA that all created by them.
They don't have even time to reply on time.

Voptecom Limited

Dear partners,
please be aware of Voptecom Limited

They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 8244 for VOIP traffic.
At present time we cannot get our payments in time.


Hi everyone.

He goes by the name Charles Silva and his IP address is: He is a fraud and owes me $1k.

Please be aware of him, the company name is Voipsroute, Whatsup n°: +1 (660) 951 3799.

YV Telecom.

Voipsroute is a fraud IP.

The owe us (Mamatel) USD 10,000. They have changed names from to and probably they have a new domain name now. Their e-mails start with "salesx@domain" where X is any number.

They even signed a contract with us, but the signature is probably fake.

Good luck. 

For more information please contact us via

Xeontel International Fzn

Dear partners,
please be aware of Xeontel International Fzn
represented by Abdelazeem Gawad
They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 405,80 for VOIP traffic.
At present time we cannot get our payments in time and they ignore our e-mails and phone calls.
Contact person: Abdelazeem Gawad, Mostafa Gawad, Yosra Khalaf
Address: P.O. Box 50741 Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


He goes by the name Charles Silva and recently changed his IP address to He is a fraud and owes us $2k.Please be aware.
Address: Jacumba, CA 91934, United State
Contact me at if you want further details.

Nexcess Telecom

Nexcess Telecom owe us (MIN SYSTEM LTD.) 1080usd and didn't pay.
Be careful of them.
skype id: nexcess_noc
Phone number: +971568069015