WRZF Cable - Chris Ford

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "WRZF Cable LLC".
TOTAL FRAUD - Chris Ford, Luz Ford and they work with Antonio Alvarez who is supposedly in Mexico BUT uses the same voip telephone system as Chris Ford... the telephone numbers are almost the same.
They have stolen more than $185,000 from "Phone Miami" company: www.phoneMiami.net
Chris Ford uses e-mail ofЖ chrisford@wrzfcable.com; luzford@wrzfcable.com; aalvarez@live.com and Cford@wrzfCable.com
We sent detectives to his "office address", but he had moved out and another company moved in. He rented a house, but then moved to another. He operates out of the basement of a rented house owned by a single woman (non-related) in a suburb of Cincinnati.
He has no money, except what he can steal the next day. He will tell you his is "on the way to the bank now", "I will pay you in the morning", "I had to go to the doctor and I couldn't get to the bank" - one million excuses.
HERE IS HOW HE OPERATES - he makes it known that he has low cost to Mexico, usually NEA codes. He will sell to you at a very low rate, maybe 0.045 when the real rate is 0.056. But he says he needs prepayment. The first day he will pass your traffic, even though he loses money. Then he will get you to pay more and more, and then just cut you off, and have some excuse. He hides and you can not find him.
His telephone number is 513 615 9741 "if" he answers.
His "cable company" is a fake and he has no cable company operations. WRZF cable was formed in July 2007, under his foreign wife's name.... so it is new TOTAL FRAUD.
The only way to do business with him is if you are SELLING to him, AND, you get a clear wire transfer up front.
DO NOT TAKE credit cards or checks or promises - no matter how good it looks. THEN you will find that he is giving you junk traffic and will ruin your overall ASR, so put his traffic on another switch. Also, hold back 10% of what he pays you and do not give him the traffic for it.
Remember, he is stealing the money that he pays to you, so he doesn't care about CDRs or cost, not really.
If he offers you a route DO NOT PAY UP FRONT.
If you are selling to him make sure HE PAYS YOU UP FRONT IN CLEARED FUNDS.