British Telecommunications plc

I am representing Tier 2 Turkish Telecom carrier TNM Lucky Home Consulting Ltd. and here exposing new fraud, non payer and fake company named British Telecommunications plc (BT).
They are pretending that they are authentic British Telecom but the truth is they are running fake company by using name of reputed Tier 1 operator British Telecom. And when we have demanded essential documents  to check authenticity and existence, they simply giving excuse “due to confidential documents we are unable to share”.
The aim to make you aware about this is, this company using name of BT and doing fraud in telecom industry. We are victim and had faced serious fraud of 15000 USD. We are not only a single victim but this company may done fraud with many other companies.
They owe us very handsome amount and we are continuously taking follow up for same although with baseless excuses they are avoiding us, doing delay and not confirming anything. We need your urgent help to recover this loss.