Advise Srl

Hi all,  we would like to inform all our network that we have been victim of a scam "Twin company".
They also using the name of one of our Account manager "Rafael Lucca" with a skype id: rafael_9968 that IS NOT the one belonging to our Account Manager.
We have been informed that a fraudster is finalizing fake interconnections, contracts under our brand Advise Srl.
They send traffic, cumulate a debit protected by our reputation and never pay the outstanding.
We have a proof of a contract completely fake. Signatures and stamps are obviously fake as well.
They use emails under the domain which IS NOT belonging to Advise SRL.
The fraudster also cloned our official Website.
The fraudster sent trade references that are totally fake on behalf of other probably fake or twin companies that probably are directly involved in the scam.
Please consider as valid only the following domain: ( The fraudster is sending traffic from the IP: