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We create information portal intended for informing VoIP society about the cheaters and the fraud schemes they use to steal your money, to help the beginners and experienced VoIP traders to avoid some common mistakes that are usually made in the business field and thus make the work safe from swindlers.
Our experience shows that there is a need for such job to be done. Everybody talk about it but someone should care about it. We realize the necessity of the information we provide for the whole VoIP society.
We hope to find allies who are willing to support us in our common aim - fight against swindlers in VoIP community.
Your any financial help will be appreciated. We are convinced that a small investment of each of us will prevent total huge losses in VoIP market.
Together we will make VoIP safe and free from the swindlers.
We are planning to use the contributions as follows:
► Informational portal development and support
► VOIP Association establishment
► Relevant staff hiring
► Lawyer services payment
► Frauds addresses and their staff physical search
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