You get in contact by person, who introduce himself as Ovidiu Negroiu, "Volocall" company's employee. Documents signed by Revin Apostolina (president). He bought routes and not payed.
He told you that wired invoice and sent copy of paycheck, but you didn’t got money. When you sent copy of paycheck to your bank, bank clerk told you that scan copy of paycheck is false.
"Ask-VoIP" have tried to contact him, but nobody answer them.
Actually "Volocall" company is in the market for more than five years and Ovidiu Negroiu is an employee of this company on position International carrier business development manager. However his e-mail is onegroiu@volocall.com (not onegroiu@volocall.net) and company's internet site is www.volocall.com, not www.volocall.net, so be careful.
Skype: ovi.negr@hotmail.com
E-mail: onegroiu@volocall.net