Dear partners,
please be aware of fraud persons named Isabella Luca and Alexander who introduce themselves as Speedflow company' employees, which is not true. Isabella uses e-mail: isabella@spedflow.com and Skype: isabella.speedflow. Alexander uses Skype: alex.speedflow and alexander_46.
Please note all Speedflow staff use domain @speedflow.com. If you want to check any information please feel free to visit our web-site: www.speedflow.com
Please don't add/open any IP until you get official notification from our company and confirmation from our account manager.
If you have any doubt whether the person you communicating with - is Speedflow employee - please contact our CFO Nata Ellis ( nata (at) speedflow (dot) com ) before sending traffic.
Contact details of these fraud persons:
Skype ID: isabella.speedflow, alex.speedflow, alexander_46, noc.speedflow1, noc.speedflow
E-mail: isabella@spedflow.com (one E instead of EE - sped and speed)