Friday night e-mail

You accept very similar e-mail that you usually get from your client company with insignificant difference: one letter missing or different in the company domain name. Who will pay attention to it on Friday night? No one will. And you add the new IP that is not somehow connected to the original company. Consequently you have got no one else, but you to blame for the absence of the company’ rules for the new IPs adding (both for clients and suppliers). You can feel secure about it with one way only: to ask for the new IP adding confirmation with the original company director signature. The signature must be identical to the signature stated in the signed agreement. Usually nothing comes after that and no one sends you any relevant mail. Sometimes a fake signature and stamp are sent with the confirmation. You can check its reliability by giving a call to your client’s office and ask him directly about the new IP adding intention. It is important to explain to your tech guys that it is better to wait for Monday to be 100% sure that the request is a subject to execution than to lead your company to a money loss.