Well known manager

The "X" manager leaves from the large-scale company after a year or so working there saying that he was not given an ability to work and contacts his one year acquainted partners to begin working with him directly as he is going to find the traffic quickly and promises everything to be very smooth. Other words he has got everything for you to believe him. You open the routes to a “good guy” that you know for a year or so. Then he is sending you the traffic and after some time he begins to tell you that the offshore company is closed as he was cheated etc. So you realize that you were swindled by the “good guy” although he does not vanish and you have got the contacts but no money. He always complains that he can not collect the money due, to transfer you. Such a story can last for years. And you keep patiently waiting for the said time while the “good guy” can swindle other suppliers. And no one posts him at the forums as he promises to return all the money to his creditors. At that time the “good guy” continues successful swindling representing himself as the “company that is in business for a long time”.