Excessive trust

You work with the company for some respectable time. The invoice sums were not big and were always paid in time. Then you begin noticing that the traffic is increasing, but the payment still comes at the time. You feel uncomfortable making any limits to the client as you see no reasons for that: you work for a long time period and he is precise payer… You realize that he has really got the offshore company, he is not any time available, he is “one man show”, but he always pays at a right time. Then the weekly amount to be paid comes to the great sum and you begin feeling uneasy, but the payment still arrives. Then you relax your vigilance releasing him at enormous amounts counting your profit due. And the last invoice remains unpaid. He does not vanish and finds a bulk of reasons not to pay you but offers the routes so that you could take your money with the traffic. The routes work well, but the price is too high so it is almost unreal to collect the traffic. So you start to sell the routes at the discount price (lower than the purchasing price) to recover at least the part of the debt, thus it occurs that you send the traffic to another unlucky supplier. That was the way Lightspeed Telecom worked (Lightspeed Networks) directed by Steven Friedman. During the three years they managed to steal out few millions dollars from the suppliers. The reason for nobody posted them at the forums was that they didn’t vanish, but offered the routes at very high price with the limited capacity and the same story lasted for years till they have devastated the market for a million dollars at half of the year. We know more than 40 companies that suffered from their activity. The most careful and lucky have lost from 5 to 10 thousands dollars. The most careless have lost ten times more. We consider it to be the most dangerous swindle way because you expect it less.