On behalf of the giant

You get the cooperation offer mail on behalf of the large-scale and well-known company such as France Telecom. The documents come from the company name. The test form contains the company’s IPs. Everything seems to be right. The only tech guy has got the hotmail address. But a realistic excuse for it is found. Then there comes a day with a huge traffic coming to your opened routes. Then you present your invoice and wait for the payment. But no money arrives. You start pushing your contact person but there is no one there… Your next step is to find the owner of the IPs you have been given. It reveals that the IPs belong to France Telecom and they have really send the traffic there, but the fact is that they have already paid the supplier for the traffic to another bank details according to another contract. At more careful agreement approach it appears that the director’s details are different from the pointed in your agreement and his signature is different as well… consequently you have got no one to claim to as the contract has got no legal effect. How to prevent the situation? You have only to give a call to France Telecom and learn out if they have got the agreement and verify their director name. And the main thing is to check if they have got the employee that intends to sign the agreement with you. You have to learn it out before the agreement signing and not after the incident. Usually everyone has got the courage to make a call after the case took place and not prior to that because feeling shy and thus trusting the swindlers what they willingly use.