Loop calls as the way to earn money

Company 1 (customer) send a call to company 2 (supplier).
Company 2 (customer) send a call to company 3 (supplier).
Company 3 (customer) send a call to company 1 (supplier).
Company 1 duplicate a call to new supplier (company 4) and old supplier (company 2) in oder to send this call again to company 2 and 3. So the one call transform into three calls and bill is for three calls, not for one.
Then company 1 refuse to pay for three calls (to company 2) and pay only for one call. And in the same time company 1 send a request to company 3 to pay all three calls.
Let us make one call price as $ 1. So company 1 have $ 2 as easy money on this scheme.
Detection algorithm: checking all four parameters to be sure they match:
1) Start time - within 10 sec. for different calls
2) End time - within 4 sec. for different calls
3) B-number - completely match for different calls
4) A-number - completely match for different calls
Protection algorithm:
1) to close originator with notification
2) to change terminator for this originator
3) if a dispute is already open, then you should request a full payment for all three calls as in a technical matter - there are three separate calls.
p.s. this scheme is currently only a suggestion, as is it very hard to obtain a technical proof of this issue.