About project

What one trait all kinds of business have in common?

Of course, frauds! There is always somebody who wants to make good at another's expense.

Fraud on VoIP-market has become a common occurrence already, to regret. Their "business" consists of finding new inexperienced managers or companies-newbie and signing cheating contracts with them. Of course, they are not going to fulfill their commitments at the very moment of concluding the agreement. Dishonest managers or CEOs can compromise reliable companies as well and then it is impossible to protect yourself from them.

We have created an informational portal, where everybody can post information about cases of fraud he ran into. Company or name of exact person can be published here with explanations of the situation. We have a database of fraud companies and people available for free on our site. Warned means armed, right?

We are glad to see that many people from all over the world seized our initiative:

  • number of registered users exceed 8000;
  • number of visitors is more than 20000 per month;
  • fraud companies data base exceed 900 companies.

All fraud schemes our clients ran into are described on out site in details. We are happy to see the result of our efforts in people's getting their money back - the number of such cases is increasing now and we hope it will grow in future.

Also, we have a section where new in VoIP business companies can find a lot of useful documents - absolutely free for download!

We are grateful to everybody for mutually beneficial cooperation, we highly appreciate your support and trust, and will grow up and develop to provide more reliable information for your business protection!